Here are more reasons why I just love that place so much,



I said it before and I’ll say it again.. I FUCKING LOVE BOOKSALE.

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“Let it Go -nads.”


“We’re doomed.”


“The childhood adventures of Bobby the Barfly.”


“There can only be one.. Beeyatch!”

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BOOKSALE IS LOVE part deux.. Or is it trois?

Got more of the good stuff from Booksale yesterday.


Not so chaka for 20 pesos dabah?


To put it simply, it’s almost free.


A book on one of the world’s underrated guitar players for under 50 pesos.

Booksale is just love.

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BOOKSALE is love

Once in a while you get gems at Booksale branches all over the city.




And if you look at the price tag, they’re practically giving the good stuff away.

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Koorayzee honguree at CRAZY KATSU

Sunday and in Lower Antipolo, I was with Lunchbox, a dear old college buddy of mine. After helping him pack his stuff for the trip, we kinda thought about dinner and where to have it. I sent him a link about this wonderful blog about yummy places to go to in Marikina called Marikina Food Trip . Since he knew the places but haven’t been to any one of them, we kinda just picked a street and an eatery at random. We ended up here..


It’s compact Japanese eatery along Lilac Street in Marikina that serves the basic Japanese stuff.

Miso Soup

For 30 bucks, it ain’t bad. It’s a little bland but you can still taste the fermented soybeans. And did I mention it was only for 30 bucks?



Not bad at all.. it was grilled nicely like it’s supposed to be and the meat filling was quite tasty.



Personally, I think it lacked that distinct flavor that I’m always looking for in Katsudon. Don’t me wrong, the Crazy Katsu version was okay but it fell short of what I was expecting.



I like Crazy Katsu. They also had a Team Manila shirt with their logo in front.. wanted to buy one but they were out of the large sizes. I’m sure we’ll be back next time.. for the food and hopefully the shirt.

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El Señor minimum wage-o’s almuerzo : Chihuahua Mexican Grill

Back in Manila for a short weekend vacation thanks to my free annual pass courtesy of my brother from another mother and my sister-in-law who both work in PAL. It was a bittersweet vacation since it was the first time after a long time that I wasn’t with El Princesa on an adventure. So without her and with a heavy heart, I eat at:

Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar

Been wanting for years to check this place out. Ever since I read good things about them 2 or 3 years ago, I have been praying to Chicomecoatl for their food to touch these probinsyano lips. And at last, after many years, my prayers and offerings of severed heads (..of corn) have been accepted by the great goddess.

And it was a good thing too since we didn’t really have to go all the way to Makati Ave since they recently opened a branch in Greenbelt. Convenient really since we were already in Greenbelt. Chicomecoatl has smiled upon this cabron!


Mi hermano and mi cuñada.. contemplating on what to el lamon.

Nacho Grande

And GRANDE it really was! Their nachos were perfectly crispy and was “teeth-friendly”. I’m sure even my friend El Sleeper of Lost Angeles would love this.


This could feed Speedy, his cousin Slowpoke and one of their Mariachi friends whom the Gringo Pussy Gato hate so much..



Taco Salad

My cuñada’s choice. Like the Nacho Grande, it was also GRANDE. She couldn’t finish it all so BASTARDO CODICIOSO, AL RESCATE!


Carne Asada Burrito

This was just fucking wonderful! It was huge and just crammed with the good stuff.


Chihuahua has a slasa and condiments bar where all the extra stuff you want on your food. What’s more, they also have a hot sauce library where you can choose the stuff you want to set your tongue and later, ass on fire.

Chihuahua is really an awesome place. Good food and good vibes all around.. and I used to have this schoolboy crush on the owner, Ines Cabarrus.. I guess that helped too.

Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar

Makati Avenue


Greenbelt 2

Chihuahua on FB

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NO SKOOL LIKE THE OLD SKOOL: Luisa’s Fried Chicken

Well.. not really OLD, old considering they’ve only been operating for 17 years. It’s actually the place and the food that makes this just fucking rock.

Ever since I read about this place from the dudes (and dudettes) of BACOLOD FOOD HUNTERS, the Fried Chicken Queen and I have been dreaming of this place for quite some time. And I guess the Chinese food gods smiled upon our hungry souls for they made the short yet lovely vacation happen.

The eatery isn’t swanky but even the Chicken Queen would agree, it was quite cozy and homey. And for a joint that’s only being run by 3 persons, it was quite clean and well kept.



The paint on the walls are just faded and the floors were stained with years of accumulated dust and grime but hell, we didn’t come here for the damn ambiance.

The Food:

The specialty of the house: FRIED CHICKEN


Fried chicken porn that’ll make you cum gravy.


Look at that fine ass. And it was all mine.

It was absolutely fine, fine, FINE! If you like the CLASSIC SAVOURY Fried Chicken, then I swear to all things holy that you, would absolutely LOVE THIS. It was fall-off-the-bone tender, juicy and well seasoned on the inside and just fantastically crispy on the outside. Never mind the gravy that came with it because you really don’t need it.


You want garlicky? Then this is for you. The pork was tender and covered in cloves of that stinkin’ rose. I loved this dish and it is on my MUST ORDER list for those who would like to check the joint out.


“1 garlic.. 2 garlic.. 100 garlic cloves.. AH AH AH AH!”


Van Helsing’s weapon of choice against Nosferatu.

LUISA’S for me is in my MUST GO TO place in Bacolod City. It’s funny because not a lot of locals know that such a wonderful place exists in their fair city. It’s a great place to get some down home, “old world” grub. 


Mr. Joseph, the Lee Sklar look-alike with shorter facial hair.

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