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Mostly harmless. Always looking for something to eat and somewhere to go to and decided to embark on a creative journey with my significant other.


Takuapa Thai Deli, in Lapaz, Iloilo City is OUR go to place when we have a serious craving for THAI noodles and other dishes. When we say serious craving, we mean every week. We’re there almost every week that I … Continue reading

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ILOILO, REGION 6 (and wherever our budget takes us) through the eyes of ..

That’s us! This is the “Creative Project” I mentioned in my previous post. Prof. Curly Top and I talked about it several years ago, I think it was during the time that I set up this blog. We were always … Continue reading

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A Faux Pho?

Yesterday was the Tenth of the Ninth for us and we kinda thought we’d go ahead and try the Pho from the Vietnamese kiosk in one of the new malls in Iloilo City. Heard a lot of good things about … Continue reading

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It’s been almost 3 years since I last posted something. I kinda neglected my own little spot here for the longest time so I was gently reminded by my wonderful and always supportive better half, Prof. Curly Top to revive … Continue reading

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Brekkie for Din-Din

The Waffle Queen and myself along with a good friend felt weird that night. We were hungry and we wanted to grab some Din-Din before heading home after a long day, the catch though was we wanted to have Brekkie … Continue reading

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DONG JUAN in Plazuela Uno

Wow. Can’t believe that this hasn’t been posted! Haven’t been to the place for a while but this was supposed to be uploaded and published a good 2 years ago. I’m pretty sure the place has changed for a bit. … Continue reading

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WIMZY CUP in Tabuc Suba

Unfortunately, this place has closed shop for a while now. We did enjoy coming to this place because the food they served was tasty and really affordable. The restaurant was just small but had character. Our favorites were the sandwiches … Continue reading

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