Brekkie for Din-Din

The Waffle Queen and myself along with a good friend felt weird that night. We were hungry and we wanted to grab some Din-Din before heading home after a long day, the catch though was we wanted to have Brekkie and it was too late for that in our time zone.

Good thing there’s this place called DoVa and they serve breakfast items all-day, EVERYDAY. And here’s what we had.


Ham and Cheese Omelette.. bitin if you’re sharing it with 2 other people.


Waffle with Strawberry Preserves and Sliced Bananas


Waffles with Bacon and Sausage.. Sausage was great, the bacon was okay but as you can see, there ain’t a lot.

DoVa is a great place to go to. The servings are ample and the prices ain’t so bad. For these 3 items plus a cuppa French pressed coffee, we paid a little more than 600 pesos. Not too bad if you have breakfast cravings at dinnertime.



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