The Legacy continues.

I think it was during the late parts of the 90’s or the early years of the first decade of 2000 when they first opened a a small kiosk in Marymart, Iloilo.  Nothing fancy on the menu except for hamburgers. And as far as I can remember, they were the only joint that serves char-grilled hamburgers in the city and anything “char-grilled” is just charrific. The closest thing you can get to a Carl’s Jr hamburger.

After a couple or so years, I heard the original owners, transferred management and control to another person until eventually it closed shop. Sure, there are a lot of places to get a hamburger fix in the city but there wasn’t anything like the flavor you can get from grilled hamburgers. Kinda felt bad, like the feeling I had when Carl’s Jr. closed shop in Katipunan Avenue.

And after several years, they are back. Same name, same burgers but a different concept and more options.. much more. The Nesikha and I gave it a try when they did a dry run a couple of weeks back and again during their official opening.

Checkout the counter.


And the new packaging.


And now, they got fries too.


And they have this baby.. a homemade (So I heard) hot sauce that’s just perfectly spicy and tasty. It just goes well with the burgers, fries.. EVERYTHING.


And the burger of course. Still the same plus some add-ons and stuff. You can get creative with your grilled, ground cow on a bun.


The owners did a complete and total makeover and it works. Added stuff here and there and gave the whole place a whole new vibe. Like one American general once said, “I have returned.” The Legacy continues.



Mostly harmless and always looking for something to eat.
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