Surprised at Siyan’s

In Iloilo City, tucked away in a corner of the Vertex Building is an eatery. That eatery is called Siyan’s. Before the Southern Belle and I decided to try it out, I really haven’t heard anything about the place. And everytime I happen to be in the area, I really haven’t seen it full.
So I assumed that the food wasn’t really that good. And boy I was so fucking wrong.

A couple of days ago, the Southern Belle and I had a little bit of free time on a weeknight and we decided to have a light dinner since we already had something to eat earlier. We didn’t want to go somewhere fancy or popular since our budget was kinda stretched for the week and we wanted some peace and quiet.

The Southern Belle decided we should try Siyan’s because it just fit the “peace and quiet” category and we’ve seen their menu and prices posted outside the eatery and they aren’t that expensive so that’s right up the second category for the night.

When we got there, peace and quiet it really was. Except for the mouth of Kris Aquino whose show running that time.


It was all quiet on the Western Front, until the president’s sister started to talk.

Since we were a bit full that night, we just ordered their Spicy Lomi and Fried Chicken. We really didn’t expect much from their food but that night was another lesson in never judging a book by it’s cover. And dammit we were schooled.

First off:

Spicy Lomi

They have 2 (or is it 3) varities of Lomi. We got the spicy one and it was just loaded with the good stuff you find in real deal Lomi.


The food was so good in Siyan’s that we decided to come back the next night. I know mentioned we ordered the Fried Chicken and I’ll get to that later.. We ordered their chicken on both nights so I guess that says a lot about their deep fried cluckers.

Pancit Sun Yat Sen
They were generous with the ingredients and the serving size was good for at least 3 persons.



Hototay Soup
We wanted something hot so we ordered the small serving. I’m really not a big fan of vegetable soup but it was really tasty.


And now, let’s talk about their fried chicken, shall we? Before the Southern Belle suggested Siyan’s I was actually craving for some fried chicken. But the local fried chicken joint we always go to was already closing up for the night and we just decided to go over to Siyan’s instead.

I saw that they had fried chicken on their menu. I asked the waitress if their fried chicken was battered or breaded. When she said no, I had to order. And I have never regretted that decision.

Siyan’s Fried Chicken

Priced at Php 175, it’s a whole spring chicken similar to Max’s but tastier and crispier. At Max’s you only get half for that price. Here, ya get the whole bird.

They usually serve the chicken with gravy but since I’m really not a gravy person, I just asked for some banana ketchup. It’ll taste waay better I shit you not.



Siyan's is a great place, with good food that's priced just right. And that's the best surprise ever.



Mostly harmless and always looking for something to eat.
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