“There and back again..”

Bacolod Chicken House – It’s been a long time since I last ate here so the Princess of Negros and I decided to have lunch at one of their branches on Lacson Street.

We could’ve opted to go to Aida’s in Manokan Country or the other chicken place further down the street (forgot the name but it’s also a good place to go to for chicken, according to the Princess). But, we decided to have lunch at the Chicken House (for nostalgias sake) weeks before our trip, it was much nearer from the hotel and we were on the verge of Hypoglycemia hungry so it was also a “FUCK IT I’M EATING HERE” kinda thing.


T’was a vampyre free day, Van Helsing.

The Chicken House was one of my hippie mom and aunts go-to places. They would drag me and my cousins along whenever they feel like eating some chicken inasal and isol (chicken ass). I didn’t really care much for the chicken since all I wanted to eat was the garlic rice. It was a treat back then and it’s still a treat after all these years.


The chicken was bawk-baw-gone after this picture was taken.

The inasal was still the same after all these years and I think I even had that Anton Ego moment when I tasted the chicken. Honestly, I really though that the Chicken House would lose their touch but somehow, they managed to stay in the zone after all these years. I kinda got my answer when I saw the lunchtime crowd even before I tasted the chicken so I will shut up about the “losing their touch” bit now.

The Princess and I had a wonderful and cheap lunch that brought back a lot of old but good memories. And speaking of memories, I also remember having ice cream for dessert after every Chicken House meal. Just one thing though, I don’t remember where Coney Island Ice Cream is anymore. Ü



Mostly harmless. Always looking for something to eat and somewhere to go to and decided to embark on a creative journey with my significant other.
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