Mid day Mid Eastern

I’ve been waiting for this place to open for several months now and I was actually excited to try out their grub since I am a big Persian/Middle Eastern pop cusine fan.

I went there with my desert tiger princess and some of our office buddies who were Persian food virgins so I was actually the one to pop their Persian food cherry. So I brought them to Persian Kitchen. Just a mere 10 minute walk from the office.


This isn’t the first Persian place here in the city. There’s actually another one somewhere here but nowhere near the office so I haven’t been there.. (Persian food fan, huh?)


“Well lookee all the grilled meat, Maw!”

The food was good and so were the prices (The most important bit). My all time favorite, Fried Ox Brain was only for 50 pesos and it made me happy even with the threat of cholesterol adding more plaque to my already clogged arteries. I had it with some Nan bread and it was fucking exqusite.. As always.. I zombie-d the shit out of it.


“Brains…totally went all zombie apocalypse on this cranium candy.”

The Koubideh Kabab ( That’s Beef Kabab to you non-Persian food experts like me) meal was for 99 pesos. The serving wasn’t bad and it was quite tasty.


And lastly, I tried their Beef Shawarma and it was okay. It was a little loose but the essentials were there. You know, the kind of flavour Middle Eastern food has..


“Fuck you Tony Stark and The Avengers! I was eating Shawarma before you fuckers mentioned it and made it popular.”

It was good eatin’ and the buddies loved it! My desert tiger princess loved it too. The place was still in their dry-run stage but I’m sure they’ll be improving real soon. And I hope they’ll be putting Shishas on the menu. It’s always good to end a Persian meal with some Hookah smoking action. We’ll be back for sure.. The big Persian Food fan I am.



Mostly harmless. Always looking for something to eat and somewhere to go to and decided to embark on a creative journey with my significant other.
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1 Response to Mid day Mid Eastern

  1. Repus Gobas says:

    Sweet! A new Persian place! Have you tried eating at Babak’s?

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