Brains ala Mode

When I gab about the impending ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, some of my officemates find it amusing. I don’t know why, but they just find the idea (or me) crazy and absurd. My college buddy Francis believes it and is actually stocking up on guns and ammo because he knows that IT WILL HAPPEN. We even have an elaborate plan to procreate and re-populate our established city we have decided to name NEW PALMA HALL ANNEX.  Francis also has plans to build an ark or something but I have to ask him if it’s true. Here’s a link from the CDC: This’ll confirm the rise of the undead in the near future. I’ll also post a WHAT TO DO guide so that those of you who will finally see the light, will know what to do. And, a friend of mine asked me what this post has to do with LAMON. It’s simple, mein freund.. I’m talking about zombies who like to make LAMON your brain. And always remember this:  NO VEGETABLE CAN SAVE YOU FROM THE WALKING DEAD.



Mostly harmless. Always looking for something to eat and somewhere to go to and decided to embark on a creative journey with my significant other.
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2 Responses to Brains ala Mode

  1. Francis Joseph F. Magbitang says:

    Imagine trapped in a room with Bogs, pean, jansen, and joel. I am injured but still shooting with a 1911 mark iv. you by the window laying down fire with an HK 416. Pean trying to do his best with that damned nerf gun of his.

    Only problem here in the Philippines is you gotta win the fucking lottery to get the good stuff. HK 416 at 500k, MP7 at 700k, and a sig gsr at 120k. Geez bring down the prices

  2. Good lord almighty! 500 grand for the 416?! That’s the price of a nice car.. But of course, I’d rather have a 416.

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