Brekkie for Din-Din

The Waffle Queen and myself along with a good friend felt weird that night. We were hungry and we wanted to grab some Din-Din before heading home after a long day, the catch though was we wanted to have Brekkie and it was too late for that in our time zone.

Good thing there’s this place called DoVa and they serve breakfast items all-day, EVERYDAY. And here’s what we had.


Ham and Cheese Omelette.. bitin if you’re sharing it with 2 other people.


Waffle with Strawberry Preserves and Sliced Bananas


Waffles with Bacon and Sausage.. Sausage was great, the bacon was okay but as you can see, there ain’t a lot.

DoVa is a great place to go to. The servings are ample and the prices ain’t so bad. For these 3 items plus a cuppa French pressed coffee, we paid a little more than 600 pesos. Not too bad if you have breakfast cravings at dinnertime.

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Sundates with You

Sundate with the lady of my life. Don’t really need to spend much. You just need to know where to go.


Thai Beef Noodles from Sen Lek Thai.


Mais Con Hielo from Floyd's


Strawberry Cheesecake from Coffeebreak

Like I said, you just need to know where to go and it’s best if you go with someone who wants to go there with you.

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Mga Bagong Lamon or What I’ve Been Stuffing My Face With Lately

Been a long time since my last post but lemme just show y’all some of what we’ve been chowing down lately.




NOODLE SALAD from Pepper Lunch


Carne Asada from Brasas


Nachos from Brasas


Empanada Ilocos from Fariñas Empanadas


Nachos from Wings and Things


Chili Wings from Wings and Things


Beef Shawarma from SSC


Soup Number 5 (Cow Penis and Testicles Soup) from Whimzy Cup


Pineapple Meringue Cups from Whimzy Cup


Spicy Thai Tuna Toast from Sawadee


Big Ass Bowl of Lomi from Lorlour

I should do a feature next time. Yeah.. I think I should.

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Wake The Town And Tell The People!

A good friend of ours known as EL $LEEP3R decided to come back to de islands from Los Angeles, CA and decided to set up a traditional Reggae Sound System right here in our city. It’s a bit of a challenge for him since it’s something new (FOR MOST) and the only reggae that’s familiar (TO MANY) is Bob Marley (if it ain’t Marley, it ain’t reggae).

He asked if I could help him out with some visuals and I came up with these:

One of the first ones.

One of the first ones.


This too

This too


Got inspired and did a few more:

My take on another design.

My take on another design.

Since he also has a DJ, I also incorporated him in this drawing.

Since he also has a DJ, I also incorporated him in this drawing.

ES_SS Selecter 2

ES_SS Champion

Mom asked why there's a "pipe". Sister said: "Because it's BOSS REGGAE that's why." To which my Mom replied "Oh, I see." Me, I just kept my mouth shut.

Mom asked why there’s a “pipe”. Sister said: “Because it’s BOSS REGGAE that’s why.” To which my Mom replied “Oh, I see.” Me, I just kept my mouth shut.

EL $LEEP3R Sound System is all vinyl and old skool reggae. He wanted the drawings to be the same. So we keepin’ it old skool. Be posting more stuff about The El $LEEP3R Sound System soon.

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Yet another shameless plug..

Yep. My blog so shut it. If y’all happen to be in Iloilo City or FROM Iloilo City, do drop by Brew Burgers. They serve good grub at good prices and YES I know the owner thus the title of this post.


If you like music, ya gotta drop by for the All Vinyl Saturdays with El_Sleeper and Nervgasm. It’s all analog and starts at 420PM. I wonder why.. Hmm😑.




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The Legacy continues.

I think it was during the late parts of the 90’s or the early years of the first decade of 2000 when they first opened a a small kiosk in Marymart, Iloilo.  Nothing fancy on the menu except for hamburgers. And as far as I can remember, they were the only joint that serves char-grilled hamburgers in the city and anything “char-grilled” is just charrific. The closest thing you can get to a Carl’s Jr hamburger.

After a couple or so years, I heard the original owners, transferred management and control to another person until eventually it closed shop. Sure, there are a lot of places to get a hamburger fix in the city but there wasn’t anything like the flavor you can get from grilled hamburgers. Kinda felt bad, like the feeling I had when Carl’s Jr. closed shop in Katipunan Avenue.

And after several years, they are back. Same name, same burgers but a different concept and more options.. much more. The Nesikha and I gave it a try when they did a dry run a couple of weeks back and again during their official opening.

Checkout the counter.


And the new packaging.


And now, they got fries too.


And they have this baby.. a homemade (So I heard) hot sauce that’s just perfectly spicy and tasty. It just goes well with the burgers, fries.. EVERYTHING.


And the burger of course. Still the same plus some add-ons and stuff. You can get creative with your grilled, ground cow on a bun.


The owners did a complete and total makeover and it works. Added stuff here and there and gave the whole place a whole new vibe. Like one American general once said, “I have returned.” The Legacy continues.

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Surprised at Siyan’s

In Iloilo City, tucked away in a corner of the Vertex Building is an eatery. That eatery is called Siyan’s. Before the Southern Belle and I decided to try it out, I really haven’t heard anything about the place. And everytime I happen to be in the area, I really haven’t seen it full.
So I assumed that the food wasn’t really that good. And boy I was so fucking wrong.

A couple of days ago, the Southern Belle and I had a little bit of free time on a weeknight and we decided to have a light dinner since we already had something to eat earlier. We didn’t want to go somewhere fancy or popular since our budget was kinda stretched for the week and we wanted some peace and quiet.

The Southern Belle decided we should try Siyan’s because it just fit the “peace and quiet” category and we’ve seen their menu and prices posted outside the eatery and they aren’t that expensive so that’s right up the second category for the night.

When we got there, peace and quiet it really was. Except for the mouth of Kris Aquino whose show running that time.


It was all quiet on the Western Front, until the president’s sister started to talk.

Since we were a bit full that night, we just ordered their Spicy Lomi and Fried Chicken. We really didn’t expect much from their food but that night was another lesson in never judging a book by it’s cover. And dammit we were schooled.

First off:

Spicy Lomi

They have 2 (or is it 3) varities of Lomi. We got the spicy one and it was just loaded with the good stuff you find in real deal Lomi.


The food was so good in Siyan’s that we decided to come back the next night. I know mentioned we ordered the Fried Chicken and I’ll get to that later.. We ordered their chicken on both nights so I guess that says a lot about their deep fried cluckers.

Pancit Sun Yat Sen
They were generous with the ingredients and the serving size was good for at least 3 persons.



Hototay Soup
We wanted something hot so we ordered the small serving. I’m really not a big fan of vegetable soup but it was really tasty.


And now, let’s talk about their fried chicken, shall we? Before the Southern Belle suggested Siyan’s I was actually craving for some fried chicken. But the local fried chicken joint we always go to was already closing up for the night and we just decided to go over to Siyan’s instead.

I saw that they had fried chicken on their menu. I asked the waitress if their fried chicken was battered or breaded. When she said no, I had to order. And I have never regretted that decision.

Siyan’s Fried Chicken

Priced at Php 175, it’s a whole spring chicken similar to Max’s but tastier and crispier. At Max’s you only get half for that price. Here, ya get the whole bird.

They usually serve the chicken with gravy but since I’m really not a gravy person, I just asked for some banana ketchup. It’ll taste waay better I shit you not.



Siyan's is a great place, with good food that's priced just right. And that's the best surprise ever.

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