Takuapa Thai Deli, in Lapaz, Iloilo City is OUR go to place when we have a serious craving for THAI noodles and other dishes. When we say serious craving, we mean every week. We’re there almost every week that I think by now, we’re PLATINUM level patrons if they ever think of cranking out membership cards. They started out as a small, 2 level restaurant and soon after, transferred to a much bigger single story facility to accommodate more customers when their popularity started to pick up.

We talked to the owners of the place and they said that the name Takua Pa district in Thailand where their father was from. They lived there with their Ilongga mother and decided to come back to the Philippines when their father passed away. Opened shop and served the best deal for your money, authentic Thai grub.

Every time we go there, I always order (emphasis on ALWAYS) the Kwey Teaw Noodle Soup. The soup base is as Thai as it can be, aromatic and herby with beef, fishcake, bean sprouts and Cilantro. Sometimes, just sometimes, when I feel like it, I order the Pad Thai.. SOMETIMES. But, it’s always the Kwey Teaw for me.

Here are the other dishes on their menu:

I have no idea if this was just a seasonal thing but I haven’t seen this chicken dish from their menu anymore. It was quite good since the chicken wings were fried and covered in sweet, sour and spicy sauce similar to Buffalo Wings.


Prof. Curly Top likes this one. Braised noodles with a fried egg on top. Not really a huge fan of this one since it’s a little too savoury for my taste.

This on the other hand is a favorite. I think this is called Pork Nam Tok (They also have the beef version but go for the pork) and it’s a good combo with rice. It has loads of mint and cilantro that makes it quite aromatic.

I think this one is called Phad Kra Pao or you can call it Thaisilog if you want because it does look like Tapsilog sans basil and other green leafy things.

Their Shredded and Deep Fried Catfish Salad is also a must get. I add a little more chili flakes and vinegar for that extra sourness and kick.

We tried this dish a couple of days ago and I think this is Battered and Fried Kangkong  (Watercress for you, o unfamiliar with Kangkong reader) leaves with a Beef Curry Dip. Really tasty but is kinda overwhelming so it’s best if you can pair it with something that cleanses the palate.. I don’t know what really but something.

They also have Fried and Fresh Spring Rolls, Deep Fried Tofu, Kao Pad Moo and other stuff I can’t pronounce and all of them excellent! You should also try their Cha Nom Yen (Milk Tea) because, well, ya just gotta. If you’re on a tight budget and want to eat something other than Filipino or Chinese, then Takuapa Thai Deli is a MUST GO TO for you.

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ILOILO, REGION 6 (and wherever our budget takes us) through the eyes of ..


That’s us! This is the “Creative Project” I mentioned in my previous post. Prof. Curly Top and I talked about it several years ago, I think it was during the time that I set up this blog. We were always joking among ourselves that we should produce video documentaries of our adventures since we both have backgrounds in communication and advertising. Whenever we go someplace nice or eat somewhere new, we always talk about how it would be great to create and publish a feature on the place or the food. I already had the blog and if I felt like it, I’d go and post away but eventually, I kinda neglected it for a bit until yesterday when Prof. Curly Top gave me an existential kick in the head. So here we are.

Curly Top, on her free time always browses youtube. Be it for cosmetics stuff, how to’s of this and that and just for plain old laughs, she’s there. She followed some vlogs that caught her interest and one fine day, she kinda realized that we can do whatever it is they’ve been doing as well. We have talked about it and we already have a goldmine of ideas that we’ve been sitting on for the longest time now. I guess it was the right time to make our vision happen.

So we set up a youtube channel and named it CurlyTop_FlatFoot after well, Prof. Curly Top because of her curly hair and Flat Foot because of you guessed it, my horrible flat feet. And we thought that we’d like to let the viewers see what we see, what we do, why we like it and why it’s worth the experience. And as much as possible, we also want our viewers to know backgrounds and backstories of every place, food or person featured on each episode. Kinda gives it some production value since we’re communication majors, after all.

Here’s the link to our channel:


Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 18.18.15

We already published our first 4 videos and there will be more to come in the next few weeks. If you want to know about Iloilo, the city, the province and heck, the whole region (which includes, Negros Occidental), then please go ahead and watch our videos and support us by clicking the SUBSCRIBE button. It would be most appreciated!

“Shocking, ain’t it?”

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A Faux Pho?

Yesterday was the Tenth of the Ninth for us and we kinda thought we’d go ahead and try the Pho from the Vietnamese kiosk in one of the new malls in Iloilo City. Heard a lot of good things about the place and the Professor and I dropped by a couple of weeks back since the mall was along the way to our destination for our creative project (MORE ABOUT THAT IN THE NEXT ENTRIES!). After moseying around for an hour or so and buying some bread, we told each other we’ll come back with our frequent collaborator and co-conspirator, Abi.

Yesterday was that day. Abi was on a one week, “NO ALMOST ANYTHING THAT MAY WRECK YOUR FRAGILE HYPERACIDIC STOMACH” diet and she was a-rarin’ to go. We all ended our afternoon at work early and drove our way to the mall.

It was promising. Got to the kiosk and the smell, was wonderfully aromatic and had that kind of smell associated with Vietnam. Kinda makes you want to quote a line from Graham Greene’s The Quiet American. The bubbling, simmering beef from an electric cauldron and the picture on their counter menu didn’t help stop ourselves from ordering. So we got the Pho Bo (Beef) and Abi, the Pho Ga (Chicken).

Aaaaand here’s what we got:

Something different is lurking beneath the broth and it ain’t what you’re used to when it comes to this bad boy.

Well, to tell you the truth, the Vista Mall Pho was alright. The smell kinda brought us back to the streets of District 1 in Ho Chi Minh. It had basil and mint but unfortunately, there wasn’t any cilantro. If there ever was, we really didn’t taste it. The beef was really soft and tender and tasty so that kinda redeemed it a tad bit.

One thing that we thought that was off was the yellow Mung beans and the noodles. We kinda expected that they’d use the usual bean sprouts instead of the semi-opened, husked yellow Mung bean sprouts. Also, we were looking forward to the flat rice noodles that’s normally used in Pho. I dunno if they ran out of flat rice noodles or they just use Vermicelli (Sotanghon Noodles) on their version of Pho. The Pho Ga was alright since that there are versions of those that use Vermicelli instead of the rice noodle ones.

So I guess it was alright, not too bad but ya can’t say it was good either. A little disappointing but what can you really expect? The price was mid-range so prolly that kinda made it suck a little. But hey, they got other goodies that’s worth a try. They also have Chinese, Korean, Filipino and the Ilonggo Su-To-Kil (Dampa Style for our brethren in the NCR) style kiosks. Until the next drive over there, I guess.

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It’s been almost 3 years since I last posted something. I kinda neglected my own little spot here for the longest time so I was gently reminded by my wonderful and always supportive better half, Prof. Curly Top to revive the blog and update the content. We both had lots of great stuff for the past 3 years but I never had the cojones to post anything.

I guess I was too, should I say, embarrassed or felt a little intimidated by the slew of other great blogs online. Kinda stupid really if y’all think about it. But this is my blog and this is my space. I may have great content or bad ones but it’s still mine and the Prof. and I have another project going on so I’m kinda psyched about reviving this widdle baby I started some 5 years ago.

Per aspera ad astra.

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Brekkie for Din-Din

The Waffle Queen and myself along with a good friend felt weird that night. We were hungry and we wanted to grab some Din-Din before heading home after a long day, the catch though was we wanted to have Brekkie and it was too late for that in our time zone.

Good thing there’s this place called DoVa and they serve breakfast items all-day, EVERYDAY. And here’s what we had.


Ham and Cheese Omelette.. bitin if you’re sharing it with 2 other people.


Waffle with Strawberry Preserves and Sliced Bananas


Waffles with Bacon and Sausage.. Sausage was great, the bacon was okay but as you can see, there ain’t a lot.

DoVa is a great place to go to. The servings are ample and the prices ain’t so bad. For these 3 items plus a cuppa French pressed coffee, we paid a little more than 600 pesos. Not too bad if you have breakfast cravings at dinnertime.

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DONG JUAN in Plazuela Uno

Wow. Can’t believe that this hasn’t been posted! Haven’t been to the place for a while but this was supposed to be uploaded and published a good 2 years ago. I’m pretty sure the place has changed for a bit. Heck, I’m not even sure if they’re still open. And this was when there was still just 1 Plazuela. Now, there’s Uno and Dos.

Gotta say we though, that we enjoyed what we had the first time and here’s what we ordered:


Cheeseburger was the right size.. not too shabby.  Tasted good too.


“Cheezborger, cheezborger, cheezborger.. no fries just chips.”


The seasoned fries were okay as well. Add a little Tabasco to the dip for a little bit of kick.



The Meatball Spaghetti was good for two. The second time we went to this place, they changed the serving size to one at the price of the double. A little sad, really.



And for dessert, Prof. Curly Top for some strange reason had been watching too much Food Network shows that featured Cannolis that she had a craving for the little buggers. She got the surprise of her life when she saw the menu.  She got the MANGO CANNOLIS and according to her, it was disappointing. They should’ve stuck to the traditional recipe but hey, it’s their restaurant.



“LEAVE the cannoli, TAKE the gun.”

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WIMZY CUP in Tabuc Suba

Unfortunately, this place has closed shop for a while now. We did enjoy coming to this place because the food they served was tasty and really affordable. The restaurant was just small but had character. Our favorites were the sandwiches and their famous Soup Number 5.


Hand painted tables in Wimzy Cup. I think it was Prof. Curly Top’s student who painted these.


“One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small.. and the ones that mother give you don’t do anything at all..”

They had paper placemats you can play with while you’re waiting for your order.


Their spaghetti was Pinoy style and had that homemade taste to it. At least it wasn’t spaKETCHUP.


Their Meringue Tarts were good too. And what’s better is that they only cost like 10 pesos each.


Their cheeseburger was tasty and for 27 pesos, why the hell would you complain about it? At least they used them square cheeses and had pickles and onions plus a side of crisps.


And their best seller and my favorite, the SOUP NUMBER 5! For foreigners, that’s Cow penis and testicle Stew. One good thing about this that it had carrots and potatoes and it was hella spicy. Perfect with a bag of pan de leche which they sell on the premises for 5 pesos for a bag of 6. This dish was always sold out so we had to get there early in the afternoon.


More STEW than SOUP.

Too bad that the family of this place decided to close the restaurant down. The food was simple but promising. And you really can’t find a place that serves Soup Number 5 like theirs anywhere in the city.

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